The Resurgence of Real Estate in Bengaluru

Regardless of the different financial and legal reforms that rocked the real estate landscape of India in 2017, very little impact was felt in Bengaluru. Be it GST, RERA or the Union Budget, they have been largely cushioned in terms of the impacts delivered on prospective homebuyers. Here are some important reasons why apartments and residential properties, the commercial spaces, as well as villas in Whitefield Bangalore and other areas in the city are continuing to attract end users in 2018.


All said, the stability quotient of Bangalore’s real estate market has been much higher than that compared to other leading towns and cities in India.

IT Investments

Bangalore has always attracted investments from startups in conjunction with big and small-sized technology companies. This in turn has translated into more white-collar workers coming and making their homes in the city in search of more promising careers.


Lower vulnerability to natural disasters like earthquakes and clement weather are attractive positives for families and individuals and families considering the purchase of residential properties in the city; for instance, villa projects in Bangalore are forever on the wish list of NRIs, corporates, entrepreneurs and businessmen alike.

Wide Spread

The realty spread in the city offers an exhaustive range of properties to choose from – right from affordable homes that have great connectivity to ultra-luxurious homes that are worthy of high net worth individuals (HNIs) – end users are certainly spoiled for choice in Bengaluru.

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