Increase in Willingness to Pay for Green Urban Residential Spaces

Be it in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru or other thriving metropolises of India, there is an increasing trend of people investing in green residential spaces with golfing facilities at hand. This is not surprising in the face of noise and air pollution becoming a part and parcel of their living in busy cities.

Areas with green forested patches in their vicinity, or the ones that have sprawling leisure clubs or golf greens to boast off, are becoming coveted development spaces for real estate companies wanting to make a difference. For instance, villas and apartments located near the golf course in Ahmedabad are attracting the attention of home seekers like never before.

The advantages of living in close proximity to a golf course are indeed many; especially for golfers looking for their green havens near to the place where they choose to reside:

  1. Easy accessibility to executive 9 or 18 holes golf courses built around modern lifestyle clubs.
  2. Contemporary living spaces with vast open fairways and lush greens that give off healthy and positive vibes.
  3. Welcome relief from maddening crowds and the bustle of cities in the midst of vast open spaces, walkways and natural environs.

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