Important Points to Consider Before you Buy Apartments in Hebbal

Investing in new apartments in Yeshwanthpur can be a breeze if you know how to go about the crucial lifetime decision in a proper manner. Whether you are interested in purchasing 2 BHK apartments in Jakkur, Yeshwanthpur or elsewhere in Bangalore, you cannot allow years of planning to go haywire by taking the wrong decision.  Here, we have collated some helpful pointers to guide your purchase of an apartment of your choice.

Tips to Buy Apartments in Hebbal

  1. Figure out the Property Price

The very first step in choosing the right property pertains to framing a budget. It helps to know how much you are ready to spend when you go about the task of looking up different residential projects in Bangalore. You may want to find out and compare the prices of projects by various builders in the neighborhood to understand whether you are on the right track or not. Ask for quotations from the builders shortlisted by you before moving forward.

  1. Flat’s Carpet Area

In general, the listed super built-up area of a property includes the entire area and comprises of elevator space,shafts, thickness of walls, stairs, etc. On the other hand, the carpet area refers to the actual area that you pay for within the four walls of your flat. The carpet area is usually 30 per cent lesser than the super built-up area for the sake of calculating property pricing. In certain cases, the floor may be shared between two owners; herein, the cost of common spaces would be shared between both.

  1. Land Records

It is equally important to research upon the topography and soil quality of the land in the reckoning. The licenses for the land on which the residential project is constructed should be in place and valid. The plot should ideally be clear of any pending dues and be registered appropriately. Do check and verify the title deed as well to avoid any hassles in future. The title deed provides all details related to rights, ownership, obligations and legal attributes concerning the property.

Buying an apartment serves to be among the biggest steps of your lifetime. Remembering these pointers will help you seal your coveted deal in the best manner possible. You may want to check out the different residential projects by Arvind SmartSpaces before freezing your buy with the help of the above tips – do invest in time to get good returns at the earliest!