Arvind Elan Brings You The Most Marvellous Accommodation For Present Day Millenials

In today’s real estate world, there are numerous residential projects going on in the country which has an apt location, fascinating amenities, great style and all but indeed very few matches to the class of Arvind, one of the most reputed and trusted brands in the niche industry. The 2 BHK Apartments in Kothrud offered by Arvind Elan is simply majestic and scintillating being surrounded by greenery and in close proximity to the National Defence Academy. Arvind has now ventured into the real estate domain and is totally geared up to provide you with a living experience like never before through its residential apartments in Pune. Elan literally means style and these homes of Arvind are crafted brilliantly living up to its own name to the fullest. With top-notch in-class amenities and smooth connectivity, these 2BHK apartments are specifically designed keeping in mind the requirement of the millennials. The homes are designed with great thought going behind them so that the maximum space can be utilized and no space is wasted. Great importance is laid on the aesthetic aspect as well. The entrance lobby is built with high-quality Italian marble. The balconies which are quite spacious have wooden railings. Ceilings and windows are built in ideal proportions too.

As far as amenities goes, Elan has taken special care to give the residential occupants with the very best of the same as far as practicable. The facilities offered have been chosen keeping in contention a definite kind of lifestyle. The apartments are endowed with a rooftop cafe which no doubt can easily turn out to be the most sought-after place after a busy and hectic working day. There is also a pool having a wooden deck and endowed with a barbeque counter that would catch the attention of many of your friends, relatives and acquaintances visiting your place. To add to that, there’s a modern clubhouse as well. From the point of view of location too Arvind Elan enjoys a fascinating position being in close vicinity to places of work, bazaars, school and the likes. Hardly a kilometre away from the upcoming metro station and being located at the intersection of the Mumbai-Pune highway, Elan well and truly has a fantastic standpoint. Moreover, Elan is also aloof from the hustling and bustling of the city life and being positioned in the biodiversity zone it is assured in the long run the place would remain the same as well.