Ample Residential Options Available in Ahmedabad

From investing in a luxury villa in Ahmedabad to finding affordable residential spaces in the suburban parts of the city, there is a lot on the cards of property buyers here. As per the trends visible in the real sector markets in 2017, more and more people are gravitating towards high-end residential properties instead of the cheaper ones. In fact, the divide is so prominent that it would not be wrong to say that there are two distinct residential property markets in Ahmedabad these days – affordable luxury and super luxury.

The good thing about luxury housing and villas in Ahmedabad is that there are ample growth drivers for the localities that are luring buyers like never before. For instance, residential space buyers looking for villas in Ahmedabad are now checking out the best localities situated on the outskirts of this thriving metropolis. There are many areas that present independent houses like villas and bungalows at comparative and reasonable prices.

Along with established markets located in the central and western precincts of Ahmedabad, such as Prahlad Nagar, Thaltej, SG-Highway, Ambawadi, Bopal, etc. new and emerging suburban localities like Visalpur, Thol, Kadi, Manipur, Kuha and Bayad are also becoming the preferred localities for residences in 2017.
NRIs (non-resident Indians) as well as HNIs (high net worth individuals) are fueling the demand for high-end properties like villas, bungalows and premium apartments in Ahmedabad. Another critical factor that’s luring buyers to the suburban locations is the rising prices of luxury category homes in the heart of the city. With so many and more sought-after destinations available for the upper and middle-income groups, the going is only getting better with each passing day for property buyers in Ahmedabad.

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